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Do you want to be better with your money?

We all do.

How would you feel knowing you're making the most with your money?


What would you get knowing you're not missing anything that everybody else is doing?

Peace of mind?

What's the greatest benefit of being good with money?

The number one answer is: "Freedom to live the life I want." The ability to take time off work to spend more time with your kids, aging parents, friends. The opportunity to start that dream business, or just take some time off for yourself to reenergize.

Sometimes just knowing that you can if you wanted is enough.

Unfortunately, managing money is not part of any curriculum in school. Nobody teaches you how to be good with money.

If you are one of the lucky few, you learned good budgeting skills and money values from your parents.

Chances are, you are more likely one of the unlucky many where an insurance agent convinced you to by their expensive product that you pay for LIFE. Did you know part of your annual premium goes into the agent's pocket forever?

Take control of your money!

People are quick to judge and give "advice" online.

"Buying lattes everyday will make you poor."

"Don't buy new cars."

"Don't eat out."

"Don't do this... don't do that."

I don't subscribe to the notion that you should save everything and spend nothing.

I don't subscribe to FI/RE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) where you retire at 30, live in a van, and eat ramen for the rest of your life.

You can live your best life today and in the future

There is a basic system that every high earner should have in place to increase your chance at financial success, I call this the GP$ (Good Place $ystem).

GP$ is not some expensive complicated system. Anyone can learn it and implement it. Best of all, with the technologies available today, 99% can be automated once it is setup.

Small differences in tax savings and investment growth, compounded over years, can turn into tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

Life is a game of inches, and this can be the difference between taking more vacations today and in the future, starting a side business, or quitting your job altogether sooner.

I will not only teach you GP$ over a weekend, we will implement it together with actionable steps.

Imagine that. A system that transforms your money into wealth, and wealth that earns more wealth automatically, all setup in one weekend.

If you're ready to...

  • Feel confident making money decisions
  • Not feel guilty about spending money
  • Have peace of mind knowing you are not missing anything that everybody else is doing
  • Reduce taxes
  • Understand and take advantage of your employer's benefits like 401(k), IRA, ESPP, HSA, Roth, backdoor, mega backdoor contributions
  • Increase serendipity and opportunity in your work and life
  • Learn from someone that will act in your best interest with the sole purpose to help you get to your good place...

Good w/ Money Workshop and GP$ is for you.

Let's get you to your good place.

Enrollment for the Good w/ Money Workshop

will open again July 2021. 

Interested and want to learn more? Continue reading, and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter and follow me on instagram for easy to digest, bite-sized financial education.

What will you get out of the Good w/ Money workshop?

Education - knowledge to power your...

Action - to setup your...

System - to build sustainable wealth

Good w/ Money is about financial confidence and taking control. It is about giving you the tools and knowledge to be financially secure. It is about having flexibility to live the best version of your life.

The philosophy behind GP$ was developed over my career in wealth management advising millionaires, and teaching future generation of advisors at UC Berkeley.

GP$ incorporates strategies taught at the CFP® and CFA programs - the gold standard of credentials for wealth managers. I hold both and passed 19 hours of exam time to get them.

And with the tools available today, you can apply GP$ to your own personal finance. I will teach you how.

5 Myths About Finance & How to Break Them

Here are five common myths about personal finance that keep people stressed and anxious with money. GP$ busts each of these myths. It's built with the same strategies that I've used working with hundreds of millionaires for over a decade, and the same philosophy used to teach my classes at UC Berkeley Extension.

1) You have to be a math wiz to be good at personal finance.

Not true! With the available tools today, it is possible to be good at personal finance without learning statistics and regression models. The best things in life are simple, and that goes for financial plans, too. Once you learn GP$, you will love it's simplicity.

2) You have to make a lot of money to be wealthy.

Nope! You don't have to be a billionaire like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk to feel rich. Wealth is relative, and GP$ is about letting you be you - just a wealthier version of you.

3) Managing my finances takes a lot of time and effort.

We struggle with a limited amount of mental bandwidth, but managing money has never been easier with the technology available today. The workshop will introduce you to the best available tools today. Mix them into a system that can automate most of your finances to feel more confident with your money, and more importantly, free up mental bandwidth!

4) Wealth management is expensive.

There are more tools available for FREE today than ever - however, free also means no data privacy. If you value privacy, tools that don't sell data are more powerful and cheaper than ever before.

We will also review when you need a human advisor, how much they cost, what services they should provide, and who really would benefit from one.

5) I don't have the time to manage my finances.

Everybody has the same 24 hour day. So it's not that you don't have the time, you just don't make it a priority. But can you afford not to spare a weekend?

Your time is valuable. I will compress as much information as possible so you can setup your GP$ over a weekend.

Enrollment for the Good w/ Money Workshop

will open again July 2021. 

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Meet the instructor

Hi, I'm Daniel Lee, aka Prof DLEE. I teach personal finance at UC Berkeley Extension in San Francisco, CA. I also work with wealthy individual clients, and have helped over a hundred millionaires gain financial clarity with their money.

I developed the Good w/ Money workshop and GP$ through my unique combination of 10+ years of wealth management experience and teaching award winning classes at UC Berkeley. The UC Berkeley program is designed to educate the next generation of wealth managers, but I found that many individuals were taking my classes to learn it for themselves. I recognized that there is a need for a personal finance workshop to give everyone the tools to make good money decisions.

👋🏼hellogoodplace comes from my favorite thing to hear from clients, "We're in a good place."

Money is an important tool that can bring you peace of mind, confidence, and the freedom to do what matters most to you. It's time I shared my knowledge and experience with more people.

Let's get you to your good place.